The Irish SOPA fiasco

This is definitely one of the Other Such Things and apologies for getting off the beaten track with this. I’d just like to use my blog for some good. This past week I was contacted about possibly selling advertising space on this site and turned down the money because I felt I would be compromising my integrity and credibility, I use this site to knowledge share and contribute to the IT community, so I think it’s pretty ironic that I’m posting on this subject today around the subject of freedom on the internet.

Recently in the US there was a strong uprising due to the possibility of SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) which was being championed by the elite in Hollywood who were concerned with copyright infringement of their movies, music etc. Only the proposed legislation was much more far reaching than just trying to protect the artists and production companies. It was seeking to ensure the US government could dictate the content of the internet. If you were suspected of posting material which was deemed to infringe on copyright they could shut you down without any sort hearing for you to defend yourself. Luckily it was being passed through a democratic process and the people spoke out resulting in some back peddling. The introduction of some legislation in the States seems inevitable with President Obama briefly mentioning it in his 2012 State of the Union address just last night and conveniently moving quickly on. My only hope is that the legislation that is brought in will be fair and that public opinion will be respected.

I’m currently based in the Republic of Ireland. Currently a similar law is being proposed. Only here the law is being proposed by a TD Sean Sherlock who is a Labour party government minister and is trying to introduce this law by ministerial order. That means that there would be NO VOTE BY OUR DEMOCRATICALLY ELECTED PARLIAMENT.

My website is hosted in Ireland by a great hosting company called Blacknight, see what they have had to say on the issue on their own blog Here

If you are opposed to this you may feel like contacting our bhoy Sean and let him know how you feel:

Twitter: @seansherlocktd
Website: http://seansherlock.ie/
Contact the Oireachtas: Oireachtas
Clinic: Clinics
Phone: 022-53523
Fax: 022-57761
Mobile: 087-7402057

Also please sign the Stop SOPA Ireland petition: Here
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