Boston BriForum 2014 Review

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BriForum is an event I first heard about, back when I was working in Ireland. It was very highly rated as a great source for Independent, no BS Tech discussion! I had always read info about BriForum events with envy, unfortunately I was working in Ireland during the worst economic decline in the nations history, the timing of this did not lend itself very well for the prospect of me being sent to any tech conferences. Well, this year I finally got my chance. I submitted multiple sessions and crossed my fingers…a few weeks later, I got an e-mail to notify me that two of my sessions had been accepted! I was not only going to be attending my first BriForum, I’d actually be presenting too!!

As I write this blog post, I’m actually flying back from Boston to Phoenix. BriForum 2014 finished today, while I’m sad that it’s over and disappointed that I didn’t get to see all of the sessions I wanted to (There was so many great sessions and so little time for me!, a good complaint to have) I’m also feeling pretty inspired. I’m already thinking about what sessions I can submit for next year! This event was quite unique for me, as some of you may be aware, I currently work from home, which means I don’t get to actually meet the people I work with in person very often. We only ever speak via VOIP. I had the pleasure of meeting my colleagues Ryan Will and Drew Waltz for the first time. I even got to present a session on App-V with Ryan. I think we complimented each other great and worked well as a team! I hope people who attended found our session compelling!

Unfortunately, I was cursed by the Demo Gods in my second session about MDOP. I had about 25 minutes of Demos, the display kept flickering off and on throughout the first few minutes of the presentation. Thankfully Ryan Will came to my rescue and after less than 5 minutes I was setup with his laptop and was back up and running. I apologize to those who had to sit through the first half of that presentation! I thought I would get away with it! I recorded my Demo’s to avoid this kind of shit and still the Demo Gods figured out a way to smite me. I’ll bring every laptop and adapter I own to the next conference, I promise you that! I received some nice feedback via Twitter and after the presentation itself from people who approached me. I really appreciate the support! If you’d like to re-watch my Demos and view my slides I have made them available:


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UE-V Demo

UEV-Demo from Rory Monaghan on Vimeo.

I was contacted after my BriForum 2014 Session in Boston on the topic of Making the most out of MDOP. Unfortunately, I had some technical problems with my display so the flow of the demos was disrupted by this. So I’ve decided to upload these videos on my site to share with others. If you attended BriForum 2014, my entire session on MDOP and also App-V Sequencing should be made available to you shortly.