App-V User Group UK: App-V vs The Competition

Hi All,

I wanted to share both the slides and the Demos which I presented at the App-V User Group in London on October 3rd, 2014.

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Demo 1 – Browser Studio:

Demo 2 – Cameyo:


Conference: Midwest Management Summit


I will be presenting at the Midwest Management Summit this year which is being held in the Mall of American, Minneapolis, Minnesota. I will be presenting with Fred Bainbridge. This even will run from November 10th through November 12th. Come on out, it should be pretty insightful and fun!

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Our topics will be as follows:
App-V: How to Sequence for Success
I would propose to cover the many benefits for App-V in all kinds of environments. RDS, XenApp, in VDI environments in multi-tenant Hosted Cloud Environments, as well on traditional Desktops. I’d also cover what I feel is the best strategy for Sequencing applications and handling an App-V project. I’d also like to talk about some useful tools out there for App-V such automation tools for sequencing, as well as for managing. How App-V integrated with SCCM 2012 and if it fits in.

Application Virtualization: Best in Show
I propose discussing and illustrating a variety of the different application virtualization technologies on the market today such as App-V, ThinApp, Symantec WorkSpace Streaming, Spoon Application Virtualization, Cloud Volumes, FSLogix, Numecent Application Jukebox, A mention of XenApp Profiling being defunct, Cameyo and RollApp with a few other honorable mentions thrown in. The strengths and weaknesses of each in my opinion.




Cameyo 2.6

Recently I’ve been preparing for some presentations that I’ll be doing over the next couple of months. One of the recurring topics centers around the different application virtualization technologies on the market today. Over the last two years, I’ve collaborated with Ruben and Jurjen on the Application Virtualization Smackdown book, which is free to download HERE Every year I spend a lot of time trying to test out the different products on the market, as you can imagine many of these products get updated quite frequently. I was very, very pleasently suprised by the huge updates to Cameyo! Cameyo has been one of my favorite products on the market for a while now. Along with Spoon, they deliver a strong product with a fast paced development cycle. Their products are always progressing and adding new features. Something I feel larger vendors simply cannot compete with due to their size and possibly due to their large user base.

With version 2.6, Cameyo made a few updates to the core Enterprise product and packaging tool used for creating their virtual applications (.cameyo self contained applications) but the huge innovation this year has been the introduction of the ability to ‘play’ your virtual applications within the browser. This may be a new concept to you as a reader but is not really a new concept in general. Other products such as Mainframe2 and RollApp currently provide this also but Cameyo do something which to me is truly unique in it’s simplicity and power! I think you’ll get that after this post. Lets go through what I mean by playing applications from the browser. It’s exciting and you’ll love it :)

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